HP Performance Optimization
The NEHPS can make combined use of solar, air , shallow geothermal energy and realize the combination of the advantages of the three energy and through using the intelligent software control to make up for the weakness of single energy, which greatly optimize the heat pump performance.
Family Expenses Economization
The NEHPS reaches comprehensive energy efficiency ratio of the system reaches 5.0 or above, which reduces the amount of electricity used. Compared with the traditional ways of heating, each household can save more than 60% of household expenditure, greatly reducing household energy costs.
Energy Conservation
The NEHPS realizes comprehensive application of three natural energy sources: solar energy, air energy and shallow geothermal energy with complementary advantages and intelligent control. During the operation of the system, only a small amount of electric energy is required.
Environmental Protection
The energy source of the NEHPS are the green and clean energy that can be recycled in the nature. During use, the entire system is closed-loop and intelligently controlled. There are no external emissions, wasted water, wasted residue, and other harmful substances to the environment.
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